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SeaGlass Pools History

First SeaGlass Fiberglass Pool in St George UT SeaGlass Pools was created in November 2002, in the charming town of Elloree, South Carolina. The owner of SeaGlass Pools first began his pool quest by forming a relationship with Hatteras Pools. Hatteras Pools is known in the fiberglass pool industry as having the beefiest pools around with 100% more fiberglass than most other manufacturers. This partnership was extremely successful and soon the vision was created to expand the territory of SeaGlass Pools.

SeaGlass Pools opened a new stronghold for the west in St. George, Utah in the early fall of 2004. Shortly after opening in the west, SeaGlass Pools took a huge step by forming an alliance with San Juan Pools. San Juan's unmatched experience and quality, combined with SeaGlass's good ol' fashioned southern hard-work and integrity, help to create a pool that is unquestionably the best in looks and endurance.

In 2008, SeaGlass Pools partnered up with Latham Pool Products through Kafko Pool Products. Shortly after we began selling and installing vinyl liner swimming pools as another option for our clients.

In 2010, SeaGlass Pools partners again, this time with Hoffinger Pools. With Hoffinger we were able to provide our many clients with an above ground swimming pool option. Since the relationship began SeaGlass has seen thousands of prospective clients.

Now, SeaGlass Pools offers all types of swimming pools whether they're inground or above ground. In fact we've become providers for just about all the backyard and swimming pool related products you could want. Find many of our products at our on-line store SHOPRECREATION.

Fiberglass Pools loaded on truck

SeaGlass Partner - San Juan

Fiberglass Pool manufactured by San Juan Pools A business that has something that helps others to become more proficient in their planning, realize their dreams, enrich their self image, and make life more enjoyable will undoubtedly endure. On this simple principle we have built San Juan, and on this simple principle we propose to conduct it.

San Juan Pools originated in Seattle, Washington, early in 1958 and was the first company to apply the then-new technology of fiberglass to a full body swimming pool using techniques adapted from boat hull construction. That pool is still in excellent condition to this day, and people still swim in it every summer.

At San Juan, we back fiberglass pools as solidly as we build them. We have dedicated our professional lives to the design and construction of the highest quality swimming pools in the industry to date. San Juan craftsmen assemble each fiberglass pool with meticulous attention to every detail using the best material and the latest technological advancements in fiberglass.

We have, and always will set the standards for the fiberglass pool industry. We firmly believe that our sincere commitment to excellence defies the competition, and we shall continue to do so in the future.

In the past forty years, San Juan has attained a position of prominence in the swimming pool industry. FIRST to probe the gainful attributes of new technologies, FIRST to introduce advanced installation procedures, FIRST in continued research and development in fiberglass, and FIRST to explore the advantage of in-house training.

Since 1958 San Juan has grown from a small Washington based company to a well governed nationwide organization with numerous manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Along with each plant's network of locally owned independent authorized San Juan dealers, they design and craft the most elegant fiberglass pools in America.

SeaGlass Partner - Kafko

SeaGlass Vinyl Liner Pool with Kafko Kafko Pool Products has been the clear leader in the residential vinyl liner swimming pool manufacturing since 1971, earning worldwide brand name recognition for product and service innovations, outstanding customer service, unparalleled quality and marketing programs that are second to none. We have worked hard over the last 38 years to earn our designation as "The Pool Kit Specialist" a designation awarded by our retail dealers and a badge we wear proudly.

For nearly 40 years, Kafko Pool Products has set the standard for quality excellence, across North America and around the world. Our meticulous attention to every detail, flexible design specifications, and quality workmanship has earned us a reputation for long lasting beauty and durability and a name consumers recognize.

Kafko has over its history developed engineered solutions to many of the challenges that face retail dealers and consumers when designing a pool to meet the esthetic and structural requirements of a particular job. Among Kafko's most notable innovations are; Our patented 'Snap-Lock' Coping - which guarantees that the liner will never fall out of the coping: Ever! Our patented 'Super-Skim' skimmer featuring 'Water-Lock' technology - the only vinyl liner pool skimmer that completely encapsulates the pool wall from the pool water!

Our patented 'Multi-Flex' Polymer Pool System - The Swimming Pool Industries first fully flexible freeform polymer pool system that allows for fully flexible pool size and shape design.

'True-Fit' Vinyl Liners and Safety Covers - you'll have to install one to understand just how well they fit: but 'True-Fit' is a real time saver!.

SeaGlass Partner - Hoffinger

Above Ground Pool manufactured by Hoffinger Hoffinger Industries, Incorporated, parent company of the internationally-renowned divisions of Doughboy Recreational, Lomart Industries, and Embassy Pool Co.

Hoffinger Industries has established itself as a leading force in the above-ground pool/filtration industry. Our corporation's philosophy results in an ongoing commitment to quality and product excellence - a commitment that fosters new products, extensive research, stringent testing, product refinements, and above all, teamwork and pride.

Now, we invite you to explore two of our exciting product divisions: Doughboy Recreational, and Lomart Industries.

Over 60 years ago, Doughboy forever changed the face of America's backyards with the introduction of the first portable, storable, above-ground swimming pool. Since then, we've earned a worldwide reputation for creating and maintaining the highest standards of design, engineering and service. For a closer look visit our website at www.doughboy-pools.com

Lomart products, proudly manufactured in the USA, represent exceptional quality, affordable pool products, and the best backyard fun! Visit our website at www.lomart.com