Fabrication of 100% Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pool Finishes & Colors Complete Fiberglass Pools

Our pools truly are a structural masterpiece. Constructed using our unique 6 layer process (1 gel coat layer (2 coats) and 5 fiberglass layers), we create a pool with unmatched structural integrity.

Fiberglass is the Structure of the Pool

Without it, the pool's strength and stability will be compromised. That's why our unique manufacturing process includes FIVE complete layers of 100% pure fiberglass, including woven roving and biaxial matting. That's more than double the amount of most other pool manufacturers! And here's the best part...its a guaranteed lifetime pool.

NOTICE: The biaxial matting can hold up to 80,000 lbs of pressure vs. a standard chopped matting which can only withstand 9,000 lbs.