St George, UT

Mandalay Bay, St George UT What a wonderful backyard paradise you have helped create for us! We thank you so very much for all of your help and expertise in creating this resort type atmosphere. It is such a wonderful sight to wake up to each and every day.

We appreciate the fact, too, that you worked so beautifully with all our contractors for the electrical, concrete and landscaping. The whole project was perfectly staged and each and every step in the process went smoothly thanks to all of you working so well together - thank you!

Ray & Sherry Winchell

Blackfoot, ID

Fiberglass Pool manufactured by San Juan Pools WE LOVE OUR POOL!!!! Thank you so much for coming here and installing it! The sunsets are amazing!!!! My husband spends most evenings in the spa...martini in hand!!!

Marcella Fields

Davidson, TN

I stand as a witness that SeaGlass Pools is run by good men and I support them 100%. I am thankful to have brushed shoulders with SeaGlass Pools and I am truly grateful for their complete honestly. The honest truth is so clear and simple that it pierces to the core.

Benjamin Strannahan

Claremont, CA

We wanted to thank you for helping us with our pool kit. Your onsite help, though you might not think it was much, was exactly what we needed to build our own pool.

Bob & Janet Pierce

Natchitoches, LA

You were so pleasant to talk to over the phone and so very helpful with my decision that I just went ahead and wrote you the check. The week before the pool was scheduled to arrive a not so good thought popped into my head, "what if this is some kind of sham" but low and behold just as you told me the pool showed up and ya'll installed it for me it a matter of a few days. I was to say the least, quite impressed. Thank you so so much.

Kirk Soileau

Arizona City, AZ

Thank you for the integrity you have shown as well as professionalism in your work and work ethic. When you said you would do something you did it - and then some! You're something else! We are, we think, the true envy of our circle of friends and neighbors.

Robert White

Lovington, NM

Our friends and neighbors are just simply "blown away" when they see our paradise in the backyard. Their mouths drop open and all they can say is "WOW - this is AWESOME!" They're right - it is AWESOME!

Eve Gray

Lilburn, GA

I wanted to thank ya'll for a surprisingly pleasant experience. I think you are great people and appreciate all you have done for me and my family.

Paul Kilgore

Virgin, UT

You guys are awesome. When I had to be gone for the installation of the pool I was sick. I was baffled that when I got back that next week you had already installed the pool, auto safety cover and the shade sail. Thank you guys. You are great.

Monte Lutz

Lindale, TX

After everything you have done for us we will always consider you a very good friend and we will recommend you to everyone we know concerning pools, spas and all around expertise, good judgment and planning of major projects such as ours. Most people dread working with installers and contractors on major projects but, we actually had a great time and a lot of fun working with you on our project. Consider yourself our friend and you are always welcome in our home. Thank you, SeaGlass Pools.

Edward & Jennifer Feldman

Santee, SC

I LOVE MY POOL!!! Thank you for being so good at what you do. No issues whatsoever. Thank you.

Julie Sprankles