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Why SeaGlass Pools?

What an excellent question. A question everyone considering making a purchase should ask of the company they're considering purchasing from. The biggest reason why you should choose SeaGlass over everybody else, is our complete honesty. We will give you our honest opinion about each and every product we provide. Since we sell every type of pool available we're able to understand fully the pluses and minuses of each of our products. The reason we choose to sell all types of pools is because we realize not everyone wants or needs the same type of pool. We sincerely want to help you find just the right pool for you and by offering all types of pools we are able to do so.

When you dream of an oasis for your backyard, you incorporate only premium elements into the plan, including the finest fiberglass swimming pool on the market. You want all of the features for your new getaway to be perfect, especially the new fiberglass swimming pool. After careful study, you determine that a SeaGlass fiberglass pool is what you need because it will save you both time and money.

Since its introduction in the 1950s, fiberglass' durability, lasting beauty, and ease of maintenance have made it the primary construction choice for boats, autos, and hundreds of other products - including swimming pools. A fiberglass pool is actually more permanent than concrete and vinyl-liner, and it does not require the maintenance and remodeling that is necessary to keep the other two looking good. Fiberglass also offers many other advantages that concrete and vinyl-liner pools cannot. See Fiberglass vs. Concrete and Comparison Chart.

Why is SeaGlass Fiberglass Pools the Best for me?
At SeaGlass our number one goal is to fulfill your dreams with the comfort of your new pool but we're never satisfied unless we know you're happy. That being put, SeaGlass Fiberglass Pools has the Best commitment and the Best warranty period.

How will I benefit from a SeaGlass Fiberglass pool kit?
SeaGlass fiberglass inground swimming pool kits do more than create a place for swimming and fun. They are a solid investment in your property and its value, and a delightful long-term addition to your lifestyle. Your decision to purchase a SeaGlass Fiberglass Pool Kit means: many years of family enjoyment including healthful exercise in a state-of-the-art product. Our fiberglass inground swimming pools combine long-lasting durability with aesthetically pleasing designs.

How much FUN verses maintainance?
You will enjoy countless hours of mental and physical relaxation including gatherings of family and friends, private romantic evening swims, and those quiet relaxing mornings by your fuberglass pool side. SeaGlass Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to the concept that inground fiberglass swimming pools should have lasting beauty and be easy to maintain without costly repairs and upkeep.

Is Fiberglass Pools the best way to go?
SeaGlass and San Juan fiberglass inground swimming pools are made using a state-of-the-art composite technology including 100% fiberglass and unblended Vinyl Ester Resin. Therefore, we offer numerous advantages over any other fiberglass, concrete and vinyl-liner pools. Since the first fiberglass pool products were produced in the mid-'50's, fiberglass led a quiet revolution in the construction of inground swimming pools, boats, and many other items. The new technology of fiberglass construction was adapted from the boat industry in late '50's and is becoming the product of choice for the swimming pool industry. Even today, varying degrees of quality exist in the manufacture, distribution, and construction of fiberglass inground pools.

What kind of warranty is offered?
SeaGlass and San Juan Fiberglass Pools is proud of its attention to detail, use of the finest materials, latest technology in production and a staff of dedicated craftspeople. This all adds up to long-term durability enabling us to offer a 25 year pool shell limited warranty. We are proud of this commitment and we feel it reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction.

How much experience does SeaGlass have?
SeaGlass with San Juan has the most experience building fiberglass pools anywhere with over 70,000 pools in the ground and with 50 straight years of construction. With this immense amount of repitition/experience you'll be in good hands with SeaGlass.Why San Juan Fiberglass Pool?